Arctic Chess Challenge - Day nine in pictures and text

This is how we want you to remember Tromsø. Blue Ocean surrounded by high maintains. That we also got a blue, blue sky the first 6 days of the tournament was a lucky coincident. Or maybe it was Caissa that wanted to bless the tournament with her share to a perfect tournament? Anyway. It was cloudy the last day of Arctic Chess Challenge with temperatures between 16-18 degree's - and it was all set for fighting chess. Photo: ACC 2009.

berg robson 9
It's round 9 action - The last game to end was IM Ray Robson (2610) defending as black versus GM Emanuel Berg (2610) from Sweden and it was quite crowded. Berg really wanted a win to win Arctic Chess Challenge 2009 and he fought hard for 74 moves to do so - did he make it?

Would IM Ray Robson (2491) score a GM-norm by drawing? Would he even such a strong open as 14-years old? It was a 4-way tie for first before the last round. Would the only female GM of the tournament - GM Monika Socko (2449) - put all the men to the test and win one of the strongest Open's ever won by a female player (I believe)? I guess you haven't heard of Marijan Petrov (2479) from Bulgaria before the tournament - could he shock everybody and take it home without even scoring a GM-norm? He has been playing extremely well all the tournament and kept on fighting for one of the Top Spots at the top boards. When several other IMs did the same he met them instead, thats the irony, and he ended up with only two GMs and even with a win today he wouldn't score the norm. And what about the other players not mentioned so far- did they score GM-norms, IM-norms and did some other good stuff happen?

Yeah, it did! The last day of Arctic Chess Challenge gave us all the excitement we could have dreamt of and the final standing is as taken out of a fairytale book. Read on and don't miss a thing!

The winner was...

gm monika socko smiling
Socko! Bartosz you mean - the top seed? No, I mean this lady - his wife Monika! She outshine a field of 13 Grandmasters, 13 IMs, 1 WGM among 120 players making her husband so proud that he was one big smile all week long, even though he did perform quite poor himself. Monika made the tournament of her life with 7/9 and a TPR of 2639. The victory is of course much more impressing than the TPR - and in fact she met a few IMs with ratings below 2500 that performed far above their expected level. I think the best thing that could happen was exactly getting a female winner!! But what was the odds for that?? Monika won Arctic Chess Challenge in a 4-way tiebreak with IM Ray Robson, IM Petrov and GM Berg. She did offer a tactical draw on move 10 as white versus IM Petrov knowing she had a great tiebreak before the last round. With that she gave herself one of the Top Spots for certain. Since a draw probably was the most likely result in the game Berg - Robson anyway it also gave her decent chances for first place even though both Berg and Robson would surpass her with a win. The strategy worked and Monika sent chock waves threw her male Grandmaster colleges!

robson major
14 years old Wonder Boy Ray Robson with his prize money together with the Acting Mayor of Tromsø.

We even got two GM-norms! so Ray did make it - and in style! The US Wonder Boy Robson defended well against Berg today and he took a well deserved GM-norm in a situation where he needed just a draw, but played the only Super GM in the top with black! By sober endgame play and fine clock management he did succeed and we are sooo happy to announce that IM Ray Robson made his first GM-norm in the Arctic. It will stand in the books forever that he did break this barrier under the Midnight Sun in the city of Tromsø and his dad told me he really felt that was a nice place to do it. He also got his points in style by playing crushing tactical chess where he creamed his opponents in the first two round. After an intermezzo with a draw he then outsmart a 16 years Norwegian talent finding an exchange sac and then blowing his opponent out of water. Then he outmaneuver GM Malakhatko in the next round when he started King side action and ended up with a won ending. with a stunning King march from f8 to e1 with a resulting mate attack! They only call him the new Fischer in Norwegian media now. I have never used that phrase before, and I will never use it again. My respect for Bobby is just so great that it seems a bit out of proportions I think. Anyway it's some clear parallels- Tactical talent, fighting spirit, work ethics and good nerves to mention something. But Ray don't need the pressure even though he no doubt are a huge prodigy - or he is huuuge, as Paris Hilton would phrase it. A rare diamond that still needs to be polished the right way to shine as a World Star. No doubt Ray has the potential to reach 2700+, and even top 10 if he does the right stuff and keeps interest. From there you take it step by step and almost everything can happen. Kramnik said in a recent interview that in today's top-chess more than 20 players had what it takes to become World Champion if things go their way. If Kramnik thinks this, who am I to question it? So go Ray - you can dream of it and use it as motivation and see how far it takes you! BTW - in a recent interview I did with Magnus I asked him which players he feared the most from today's chess stars. Aronian, Radjabov and Karjakin was mentioned so basically I meant if he saw any one else as a threat. His answer was that if he should threat anyone, it would rather be players 2-3 years younger than himself or more... Even though it's hard to see a talent like Magnus have in Ray - Magnus was already an utterly strong GM at age 14 and from there he just excelled and reach new heights faster than anyone else in the history of chess. I'm just writing these lines to get a little bit ice in the blood of all those using Fischer as a standard. He was quite unique. But from what I have seen Ray does have what it takes to reach the highest level - the Super Elite. He has a supporting family, good nerves and great concentration. I am also impressed by his opening preparation - his tactic's I knew was brilliant but he showed us so much more here this week! We also have to thank Susan Polgar for the brilliant idea of getting Ray over the Atlantic to the Arctic! It was a win-win situation where Ray got a great possibility to get a GM-norm on form - and it was a great opportunity for Arctic Chess Challenge to get extra press publicity! It all worked out in the best possible fashion and I know that both we and Ray's family are thankful!

im luca shytaj
Luca Shytaj and Acting Mayor Sara Holthe Jaklin of Tromsø at the closing ceremony.

IM Luca Shytaj (2455) from Italy also got the half point he needed to make a GM-norm. He faced Top Seed Bartosz Socko that really wanted to win to at least get some price money himself too. That meant that both Ray and Luca had to fight for their norms - nothing was given them by a short draw without a fight. That's how GM-norms should be taken and it must be extremely satisfying to think back at! The 23 years old Italian showed his muscles from an early stage of the tournament and he was dead serious dropping lot's of the social stuff to get more time for preparation. It paid of and with 6.5/9 and a TPR of 2613 he impressed us all. Especially his hard fought win over GM Yuri Drozdovskij (2620) and his outstripping of GM Vadim Malakhatko was shocking stuff - gotta look it up! Great run for IM Shytaj and the trip from Italy was well worth the money!

nicolai getz
17 years old Nicolai Getz from Oslo got an IM-norm with style!

3rd grader at Agdestein's college NTG, where they are thought chess while taking a normal education, Nicolai Getz secured his first IM-norm with a draw against GM Khenkin already in the penultimate round. In the 9th round he drew another strong Grandmaster, GM Malakhatko, with white and he got his norm with style scoring half a point more than needed. Getz has been promising for many years now but he wasn't the first one you would expect to take an IM-norm among many talented young Norwegians. But Arctic Chess Challenge was a fairytale story with several twists and Getz really, really deserved his norm by strong play!

fm leniert
FM Arkadiusz Leinart (2390) also took an IM-norm before the last round it turned out. He was surpassed by the strong German GM Igor Khenkin in the 9th round but as I just wrote he got the norm anyway. The funny thing is that this guy had 6 norms already so he really didn't need it. He also did something that looks like a GM-norm result a month ago, and he has passed the 2400 barrier and he will soon get the title. The teenage IM-elect from Poland has taken an IM-norm at Gausdal before so I guess his vibes for Norway are good.

fm kjetil stokke
The third player with an IM-norm was FM Kjetil Stokke (2347) from Bergen, Norway. He needed a draw, and secured it with a draw offer out of the opening in his game with Peter Poobalasingam (2224). Stokke got 5.5 with a TPR of 2452 and ended at 25th place - two places ahead of FM Leinart from Poland. 26 years old Stokke is known to be a great capacity for coaching and being a second for young Norwegian chess players and in Tromsø he made his 2nd IM-norm.

girl power
WFM Katrine Tjølsen (2160) took care of the prize money for the students from NTG. Here with Acting Mayor of Tromsø at the closing ceremony.

This young lady got a dilemma today. It is 16 years old Katrine Tjølsen from Bergen and she will start her new life as a student at NTG in Oslo this August with GM Simen Agdestein as coach and teacher. He had ordered tickets for all his pupils at 17 O'clock today. Since the last round was scheduled to start at 12 - and it could last for 6 hours in worst case scenario - this wasn't too smart. Well, Simen was for some reason thinking he ordered them at 19 O'clock - and when he found out it was 17 - it was to late to change them without a financial loss. He then tried to get the last round to start early - and since several of our Grandmaster guests also had quite early flights - the 9th round was set to start 11 O'clock. Katrine needed a draw as black against Grandmaster Matthew Turner in a game that turned out to be a marathon and her flight was in Jeopardy! It was an easy choise to play on and try for a norm instead of reaching her flight of course. 16 years old Tjølsen had played some great chess for a long period of time in this game as black in an English opening versus English Grandmaster Turner. She got a nice positional edge and kept it for many moves. She was furious after the game that she played it away. But she did, and she got into an ending where things went downhill. Perhaps she still was thinking about the flight, and it might have had an impact on her play. In a rook and pawn ending Turner was pressing, and he even got a clear edge. Actually it looked like he missed quite some opportunities and especially 54.Ra7+ Ke8 55.Ra5 looks nasty for Katrine. After 55...Rg4+ 56.Ke5 Rg3 57.Kf6! Rxd3 58.Rxc5 it is a table base win and what else to do? This is a fairytale story so this did not in fact happen. GM Turner played 54.Rh6 instead, and even though he still had more opportunities Katrine held a hard fought, and well deserved draw, in 64 moves.

By now you understand that clock was close to 17 when she ended her game, and in fact she missed the flight. I tried to help her out by doing a Phantom drive to the airport where Katrine broke threw the security control in half a minute by leaving her luggage behind and screaming to yours truly that some of her friends could take it with them later in the evening... She reached the gate at 16.53 after spending a maximum of 7 minutes from the playing Venue to the Gate... But the Gate had just closed 3-4 minutes ago and it was no hope to open it again. But we tried Katrine!

Fairy-tales tends to end well and the sinner, GM Agdestein, had already bought her a new ticket at the next flight 4 hours later so when Katrine went to buy her own one they told her. She picked it up and went back to the hotel where she got her well deserved price at the closing ceremon and an applause. I even got a few nice pictures of her, so maybe it was meant to be this way... Katrine did not only get a WIM-norm, she also got a money prize for being 3rd in her rating group. She ended up with 6/9 and a TPR of 2374. Next year I bet she will go for the IM-norm for men - this young lady is quite talented and with proper education she will improve.

berg robson
The start of Emanuel Berg vs. Ray Robson

Emanuel Berg got quite close to a win - being a pawn up in a rook ending. Emanuel told me he thought he just was one tempo short of victory, and he really tried hard to win for sure. He was pleased with his stay here in Tromsø where he also
catched a cod during the fishing trip. Anyway, Robson was never lost in this game and he got a well deserved GM-norm after some amazing chess in Tromsø!

the robson family
Ray Robson, Gary Robson and Yee-chen at the closing ceremony.

IM Ray Robson came to Tromsø with his family and they participated in most of the social activities and had a great time here! I got the chance to talk with them, and especially with Ray's father Gary, today since the closing ceremony got delayed quite some time actually... The only small detail that I didn't quite like. But we passed the time with both laughter and serious talk and I really enjoyed it. Isn't it good when you can talk about something else than chess after a week as a chess geek? OK, we had to talk alittle about Magnus too, chess is our passion so you can't help it. Ray will leave Tromsø already 06.00 Monday morning, and his journey home takes more than 10 hours. Well home Ray - and grats on your well deserved success!

mikkelsen rasmussen berg
IM Nikolaj Mikkelsen, GM Allan Stig Rasmussen and GM Emanuel Berg are all Scandinavians

I even managed to get a laugh out of them on this picture, but I really can't tell you the joke since it wouldn't be a joke that way!? IM Mikkelsen got a hard time against young Norwegian players and when he even lost to Pål Røyset from Northern Norway in the last round the tournament became a nightmare for him. GM Allan Stig Rasmussen surprised me by his strong play. I didn't quite like what I saw when I played threw his games from this years Politiken Cup - but in Tromsø he looked like a new player and did get 6.5/9 with a TPR of 2585. That gave Denmarks latest GM an 8th place and 400 Euros. What to say about GM Emanuel Berg? He reads Swedish and promised me to watch the Norwegian part of the Phantom blog to see if he liked it too - the blog was new to him before the tournament and perhabs I get a few new readers from Scandinavia now.

african and jan s
This is Tshepo Sitale from Botswana (left) on stage at the closing ceremony. He and Ray's mother Yee-chen got the idea of giving Mr. Arctic Chess himself - Jan S.Berglund - some chocolate and a handwritten document with kind words and praise for this special tournament. They got the idea at the Barbecue last night I think, and the gift is to all the Arctic Chess Challenge team - but especially to Mr. Berglund who is Chief Organizer and Primus Motor of Arctic Chess Challenge.

arbiters of acc
Fide Arbiter and Deputy Arbiter Karl Johan Rist to the left got this year help of International Arbiter Panagiotis "Takis" Nikolopoulos who was Chief Arbiter under Arctic Chess Challenge in an excellent way. They made both a great job, and so did Deputy Arbiter Trond Romsdal who was the first person that thought of such an excellent tournament in the city of Tromsø in the first place some 4 years ago. The atmosphere was relaxed and I did not register any arguments of any importance. Panagiotis Nikolopoulos was a Chief Arbiter of both the Kramnik - Leko match in 2004 and the Kramnik - Anand match in 2008 and he added an extra spice to our tournament by just being here. When he also did a great job everybody was pleased!

natalia zdebskaja
WGM Natalia Zdebskaja (2412) from Ukraine got the prize money for being best female player. She turns 23 next week and came to Tromsø with her husband GM Drozdovskij (2620). Yuri became 9th and got 400 Euros, 100 less than his wife. You already figured out that Monika Socko couldn't win two prizes...

wim silje bjerke
Everybody should be as WIM Silje Bjerke. No joke needed to make her smile and when she also knows how to play chess she got a well deserved money prize among the women.

stokke hammer tjolsen
In the middle you see GM Jon Ludvig Hammer (2583) - the best Norwegian under Arctic Chess Challenge. Hammer got 6.5/9 with a TPR of 2556 which gave him 400 Euros. This autumn 19 years old Hammer will start to study Social Science at the University of Oslo. He is flanked my FM Stokke that got his IM-norm and WFM Katrine Tjølsen that got a WIM norm. FM Stokke and WFM Tjølsen is a product of the strong chess area of Bergen in South West of Norway. Hammer is actually also born in Bergen - but he moved to Oslo 1 years old.

flermoen royset
So what about the players from Northern Norway? Here you see 13 years old Peter Flermoen that we followed so closely and Pål Røyset from Tromsø in the 6th round. Røyset (2239) beat IM Nikolaj Mikkelsen in the last round - and with 6/9 and a TPR of 2364 he was the best North Norwegian. Pål's draw percent was 0% - can you understand why they call him solid? Peter Flermoen rocked the floor the first part of the tournament with a TPR of 2400+ after 4 round. He ended up with 50% score and a TPR of 2229 - that's not bad at all when you have 2027 your self! But Peter is ambitious and wants to become an before he turns 15 so he didn't look too pleased. I think he played some great chess though, and you should take a look at the nice tactics he found in the game versus Mikael Rølvåg in 8th round which he won. You can congratulate Peter at his own blog - and see what he writes about ACC there (Norwegian only).

winners at chessdom
The winners: From left GM Monika Socko (2449), IM Ray Robson (2491), IM Marijan Petrov (2479) and GM Emanuel Berg (2610). The Super GM Berg was 4th on tie-break as you see from the picture. That means we had 3 players below 2500 taking all the Medals - have that ever happened before in such a strong tournament? Enlighten me please.

all the winners
Here you see 14 of the best players at Arctic Chess Challenge 2009.

Official standings after 9 rounds, Arctic Chess Challenge 2009:
1.GM Monika Socko, 2.IM Ray Robson, 3.IM Marijan Petrov 4.GM Emanuel Berg all 7/9.
5.GM Julian Radulski, 6.IM Luca Shytaj, 7.GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, 8.GM Allan Stig Rasmussen, 9.GM Yuri Drozdovskij, 10. GM Igor Khenkin 11.GM Vadim Malakhatko, 12.GM Sarunas Sulskis, 13.GM Bartosz Socko, 14.Nicolai Getz, 15.GM Matthew Turner.

That concludes my impressions from the last day of ACC 2009! I will add some more pictures, present some more stories and tell you a little bit of what happened in some of the games at the end of this tournament. I will even take a closer look at some of those players we followed together that I missed out in this last round blog. Everybody can't quite manage to get into the first page - so stay tuned for a second page....

The official homepage of Arctic Chess Challenge with results, table and games.

The entire text and all photos that not are credited others by Sven Wisløff-Nilssen (C) 2009

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Sjakkfantomet har levert utmerket.Takk.

Joachim Solberg

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Utmerket, Sven! For oss som ikke var til stede har du gitt oss enorme leseropplevelser hele uken. Takk!!


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Brawo Monika! Swietna gra i zasluzona wygrana! :)


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Hyggelig at dere likte det dere har lest :-) Nå gleder jeg meg til et litt lavere bloggetempo, så får vi rocke videre når Magnus spiller i Nanjing :-) Da blir det på norsk og forhåpentligvis kommer frekvensen på kommentarer opp igjen på et normalnivå - for her har det vært uvanlig stille.


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12.08.2009 kl.17:16

Thanks for your excellent pictures and text about the Arctic Chess Challenge! In Hamburg, we were happy to have the chance to watch the tournament with our new team-players Monica Socko und Allan Stig Rasmussen. Do you allow that we publish some of your photos on our website and in the journal of Hamburger Schachklub von 1830?


12.08.2009 kl.17:30

Hello,Thanks for your kind words. Yes, you can use several photos if you credit them separate with the full name of the owner. I also provided profiles of both Monika Socko and Allan Stig Rasmussen which is far more extensive that anything I have seen about them before at the web (I don't think they have real profiles anywhere else). You might like to link to this at your Club's page to present them.BTW - the best photos I took of Monika, and the last story I have about her isn't published yet. I'm not sure where I will publish it either. But you find out at the blog anyway. Before that I even promissed you an update about the last weekend of ACC and that promiss I will keep when energy returns.Today you can read my final report for Chessdom by clicking at my name "Sven" on top of this comment.

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Hei Fantomet! Vi lurer på om ACC-organisator Jan Sigmund Berglund snart vil stå frem og fortelle hvor det blir av Gjesteboka til TSK. Det kan virke som om det begynte å brenne under føttene på enkelte og da "forsvant" boka veldig beleilig. Der finnes nemlig bevisene for all signert sjikane og drittkasting mot enkeltpersoner i Nord-Norge. Stanken av faenskap forsvinner heller ikke uansett hvor bredt OL-cowboyen smiler.


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The Watcher,Denne gjesteboka var jeg selv opphavsmann bak i min tid i TSK og den fungerte i veldig mange år langt bedre enn vi kunne fabulere om. Dessverre utspilte den tilslutt sin rolle og ble lagt ned i mai. Jeg er ikke helt sikker på den offisielle grunnen, og jeg vet at det har vært snakket om å få den opp å gå igjen. Uansett ligger den gamle gjesteboka med sitt innhold fortsatt på nett, og du finner den om du leter i linkene til f.eks. Sol sin side, på venstre side:

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Takk Sven for dine fantastiske reportasjer fra ACC! Meget spennende å følge med for meg som ikke fikk være tilstede på sjakkfestivalen. Takk også til de andre i arrangementsstaben som ofret av sin fritid for å få denne fantastiske festivalen i havn! De rapporter og bilder jeg har fått fra grillfesten viser at det umulige er fortsatt mulig! Tilslutt Sven lever jeg i drømmen om å tilbringe en kveld med noen øl sammen med deg. For dine sjakkunnskaper og historikk er det meget høy klasse over!


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Hei Stein.Takk for mange hyggelige ord :-) Jeg liker å tro at jeg har kvalitetslesere, og at mine 23.000 hits bruker like mye tid her inn som alle de 73.000 på de offisielle sidene. Det tar tid å lese disse oppsummeringene - og det må vel en sjakkelsker som deg til for å sette pris på alt :-) Hurtigversjonen ligger ute på Chessdom i to oppdateringer - look it up.


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Og nu det stort spørsmålet: Hvad går med Magnus? Skå din spiller igjen snart?Mestren må underholder oss igjen ..


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Nå gleder også jeg meg til å blogge om mesteren Magnus Carlsen igjen på norsk for et lite, men akk så taletrengt og interessert, publikum. Tror hans første oppgave er Nanjing i Kina som starter 27. september. Skal sjekke det for deg.

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Hei Sven! Det er vanskelig å finne superlativer beskrivende nok og du kan ikke lovprises nok for en fantastisk sjakkspalte. Jeg tør ikke tenke på hvor mange timer du må ha lagt ned bare i forbindelse med ACC, men sannsynligvis snakker vi nok 10+ hver dag i en 14-dagersperiode. Sjakk-kommentarene, dine kunnskaper og høye analytiske nivå er det sagt mye om og her er det ikke mange, om noen i det hele tatt, i landet som overgår deg. Det som imidlertid jeg for tiden er mest imponert over, er hvordan du har klart å formidle alt det nevnte til et så bredt spekter av sjakkspillere. Og der blant annet Øystein Brekke i omtalen til bøkene han selger bruker å formidle ca. hvilken spillestyrke han tror best bøkene passer best, så trår jeg til med at spalten din "Passer best for spillere fra nybegynnernivå til elitenivå". Du har flotte pedagogiske evner, Sven og du har klart å finne en streng hvor disse harmonerer ypperlig med den sjakken du kommenterer. En for meg innovativ måte å kommentere sjakk på, er at du gjennom bilder og tekst har klart å romme det mangfoldet som en stor, internasjonal sjakkturnering faktisk utgjør. For egen del var det vel så artig å se bilder av hele sjakkfamilier, GM Simutowe og isbjørnen, naturbilder, prominente gjester og ikke minst det utrolige korpset av frivillige som muliggjorte ACC 2009. Du er en skarp og kreativ iaktager Sven, og har virkelig lykkes i fange spenningen, kontrastene, følelsene, det sosiale og øyeblikkene. Sjakkturneringer foregår heldigvis ikke bare ved brettet og ACC er nok utvilsomt en av de flinkeste i klassen til å få til opplevelser også utenfor brettet. Nerven i formidlingen av såvel disse opplevelsene som sjakken, er å finne i din spalte Sven. Gratulerer med "a job well done".


18.08.2009 kl.23:09

Jeg har jo brent for å få disse sjakkfamiliene opp hit til Tromsø lenge nå slik at både jenteprofilen og ungdomsprofilen styrkes. Jan S. er også enveldig stor fan av dette så det er heldigvis blitt et varemerke for ACC. Takk til Simen og NTG! Håper virkelig at jeg fikk fram disse på en god måte :-) Skaper god atmosfære når det ikke bare er overseriøse mannfolk på plass... Familen Socko som ble årets vinnere (main og blitz) er forresten stjernefine folk som jeg hadde gleden av å bruke mer enn to timer sammen privat før de forlot byen - håper vi sees igjen :-) GM Simutowe og isbjørnen ja! Dessverre blunket han på det bildet - og når jeg tok noen nye bilder av han så ble de alt for mørke. Er altså ikke helt fornøyd med det bildet selv om motivet er bra. Litt sånn Simutowe fra det varme sør vs. isbjørnen fra det kalde nord som understreker det eksotiske med spillestedet, og samtidig påpeker det internasjonale og storslåtte ved arrangementet. (Huff, ble det mye svada nå? Når jeg hadde fotografi og motiv på høyskolen måtte vi skrive slike svulstige begrunnelser for valg av motiv og komposisjon.) Dessverre er det bare 10 minutter der det er lov å ta bilder med blitz under selve runden. Jeg valgte som du ser å prioriterte å fortelle en histore, få med mange småhendelser - der nær 70 bilder ble tatt hver eneste dag under rundestart - ca. 100 bilder om dagen totalt. Så skulle det plukkes ut de fine, redigeres, lastes opp og settes i en meningsfull rekkefølge for så å skape en "fortelling". Det blir 7 bilder i minuttet når det står på som verst (og likevel hvisket en fremstående sjakkskribent som var her noen dager til meg i øret at det var lurt å gå ned på kne før jeg tok bilder. Haha, måtte le litt av den! Jammen trodde han jeg var sprek!). Det er altså mange bilder som kunne vært av mye bedre kvalitet dersom dette var første prioritet. Uansett tok jeg noen blinkskudd som selv kunne vært presentert på ChessBase eller i et hvilket som helst annet format. Sett i lys av alt dette så er det ekstra gledelig at også du liker konseptet med mange bilder og "en stor fortelling fra ACC" hver dag (håper det ikke bare er smisk fra en god venn). Lytter selvfølgelig til slikt når jeg tar med meg lærdom fra årets turnering. Har brukt en del tid i uka som har gått nå på evalueringsarbeid. En kan alltid lære noe av å gjennomgå ting når alt enda står klart for en - så det har jeg gjort. Atle Grønn sa også at konseptet i år her var bra. Hans ord er det alltid verdt å lytte til så kanskje er jeg inne på noe. Tok ellers noen bilder som nok er enda bedre med et isbjørn-motiv synes jeg selv. De aller beste bildene fra ACC tatt av meg (BBJ tok utvilsomt de aller beste uten konkurranse forøvrig!) er forøvrig spart på, og ikke publisert yet... Hadde en oppsummering i baktankene som det aldri ble noe av og kanskje er rett innstans for den CB. Har det i tankene, vi får se hva det blir til. Bildet av Simutowe og isbjørnen kommer forresten i Tyskland sitt største sjakkblad "Schack" når de skriver om ACC 2009. De har fått tilsendt orginalen i en større oppløsning. Ellers fikk jeg mail fra den personen i hele sjakk-Norge som det er størst stas å få skryt av (nå kan dere lure på hvem jeg har så høye tanker om) - der han skrev at han var imponert over innsatsen min og at jeg faktisk hadde produsert en hel bulletin alene :-)) Etter en slik tilbakemelding er det bare å innta posisjonen på en rosa sky og sveve noen runder.


18.08.2009 kl.23:15

Back to reality! Nå har jeg sittet på skyen i tre minutter og en får være litt selvkritisk også. To stykker i den harde "Fantomkjærnen" likte slett ikke at jeg kastet med utpå i bare engelsk språkdrakt i år. De mente at jeg viste meg fram for hele verden i det de kalte "en skjødesløs" engelsk språkdrakt. Alt skal opp og frem, og selv om dette såret litt, så tror jeg det var godt ment for de liker meg godt på norsk. Til de begge så har jeg bare en ting å si: Jeg føler selv at jeg har stor kompetanse på veldig mange felter som det er viktig å beherske for å skrive godt om sjakk - også på engelsk. Likevel skal det fryktelig mange egenskaper til før alle blir helt fornøyd med dette som vi kaller kvalitet. Jeg tror aldri jeg vil komme dithen at alle er 100% fornøyd, og slett ikke i et så ambisiøst format! Siden begge disse to også er for profesjonelle skribenter å regne - riktignok på andre tema enn sjakk - så skal jeg selvfølgelig ta denne kritikken til meg. Den var velbegrunnet med eksempler og det hele. Den ene var til og med freidig nok til å legge ut hele suppa si i kommentarfeltet til allmenn spott og beskuelse. Alle kan lære noe å gjøre bedre - og jeg lover bot og bedring hvis jeg noengang forsøker meg på engelsk igjen etter dette. Tror egentlig tidspresset - mer enn ferdigheten - gjør at jeg ikke alltid får inn apostrofer og slikt helt riktig, og til og med har endel direkte stygge feilstavelser. Tror dog engelsken min på Chessdom var OK. Dersom noen ikke er enig i det så kan de gjerne rope ut på mail og vise meg hvorfor! I følge statistikken på datamaskinen min så tastet jeg mer enn 200.000 tegn på 9 dager under ACC - det er faktisk endel... Fant ut at Susan Polgar har en enorm støtte i mannen sin på sin blogg og det visste vel de fleste av oss fra før. Et slikt volum kan nemlig ikke en person gjøre alene over tid - det finnes noe som heter naturlover som setter sin begrensning. Alle de andre mer enn 100 tilbakemeldingene jeg har fått muntlig, på mail eller i kommerfeltet har vært veldig motiverende! Spurte til og med rundt 10 av stormestrene i år - som ikke kom med et ord på egen initiativ - om de hadde lest profilen sin og sånn. Våger ikke engang å sitere en av dem da det finnes grenser for hva en offentliggjør. Jeg hadde riktignok plassert Bjørn Tiller på 1. bord for Norge i sjakk-OL i 1980, og siden han bare var 1. reserve så var han kanskje best fornøyd av alle med sin profil. Men det ble mange godord og jeg tror dette var den eneste faktafeilen noen ville ha rettet opp i, og som jeg er tatt på så langt tross tusenvis av opplysninger i disse 17 profilene. En kan vel ikke gråte over slikt selv om akkurat den feilen var litt "pinlig".Glad hvis jeg fikk med meg de fleste av de prominente gjestene på bilde, og i omtale. Ganske så utrolig at alle disse kom hit til Tromsø alt i år! Morten Sand hadde en så stor agenda at det nesten var umulig å holde seg helt oppdatert på alt av gjestene som kom og gikk. Fikk noen perleskudd der også tror jeg - og har vel de beste bildene i bakhånd. Ikke minst et finfint bilde av Peter Flermoen og Susan Polgar - med kuuul T-shirt fra Tromsø! Et motiv som bare plutselig åpenbarte seg. Siden jeg brukte litt tid sammen med Susan, og var "på god tone med henne" var hun straks med på leken :-) Om ikke annet så skal jeg sende bildet til Peter selv i et stort format, så har han et herlig minne og brillefin inspirasjon som kan henges i glass og ramme :-)De frivillige som muliggjorte ACC 2009 ja... De er jo maurene, eller sliterne om du vil, og de virkelige heltene som muliggjør alt dette. Jeg har prøvd å løfte dem frem i lystet men er kanskje litt misfornøyd med at jeg ikke hadde energien til å slå i bordet med en "side 2" av det som skjedde siste spillehelg der flere av de bak - og ikke minst flere av de utenfor toppsjiktet, fikk den omtalen de fortjenete mens trykket her på bloggen fortsatt var stort! Vel, de skal få sin oppreisning i en eller annen form etter mottoet "bedre sent enn aldri". Så står det i hvertfall skrevet et sted der folk i ettertid kan bla seg tilbake å se. Eventuelt har de sett løftet mitt og kan vise vennene sine at - se, jeg kom også på web under ACC! Spesielt skamfull over at jeg ikke klarte å ta et eneste godt bilde av Øyvind Pedersen! Du vet jeg prøvde Øyvind så det var ikke viljen det sto på - bare lys forholdet der du satt og strevet i halvmørket. Han la inn desidert flest partier på en helt fantastisk måte. Med ofte bare en mann kom parti-fila litt sent noen dager - men den kom alltid godt! Den var så utrolig feilfri at jeg aldri har sett maken før! En perfeksjonist til fingerspissene - og nå er Øyvind heller ikke helt glemt for de norske leserne :-)


19.08.2009 kl.23:45

Jeg leser blogget heller på norsk fordi det er for mig på sin vis behageliger. Ikke så overfylt .. et møte i lille krets, det har en annen atmosfær .. det er godt om ikke alle forstå allt :)Men jeg forstår også godt om du skriver på engelsk .. dina analyser er fantastisk god!Og gløm ikke lesernerne fra Tyskland ;-)


20.08.2009 kl.16:52

3D games of tournament:


20.08.2009 kl.22:19

TassiloJa, det er noe sjarmerende med den lille norske kretsen på rundt 2000 sjeler som følger Magnus i de store turneringene her. Drøyt 10% av disse er strengt tatt ikke fra Norge, men jeg er ikke "big in Japan" for å si det slik.Selvfølgelig husker jeg mine tyske lesere og jeg har sjekket Magnus sine turneringsplaner med pappa Henrik: Magnus spiller Nanjing i Kina (start 27. september), Tal Memorial i Russland og så London Chess Classic (i desember). I tillegg er det gode sjanser for at han deltar i europacupen for lag.Chessforeva, also uploaded all games, and they even have a tournament page where you can discuss it all.

Øyvind P

22.08.2009 kl.00:27

Takk for rosen, men jeg må dele den omtrent 50-50 med John Joensen. Vi delte stort sett broderlig på jobben.


13.05.2010 kl.16:36

do you think you can post a link with all of your pictures from the tournament? or have you used someone elses pictures?


15.05.2010 kl.21:32

All pictures that are not given as someones elses is of course taken by me. The only way to view the pictures is to go threw the blog-posts from ACC. These posts have their own ACC-label so they shouldn't be hard to find. Enjoy!

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